Introducing Aras VPLM

Developed by Aras and designed specifically for the Autodesk® environment, Aras VPLM is a full-featured Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software solution that drives cross-functional collaboration and extends engineering processes throughout the company and the extended supply chain.

For years we've been working with Inventor and AutoCAD users and we know that Autodesk Vault is by far the best CAD file manager for those designers, it's just that there are a lot of other enterprise business processes that are necessary to manage product-related information over the entire lifecycle.

So, we took our best open source solutions, added new out-of-the-box functionality optimized for Inventor and AutoCAD, built it on top of Autodesk Vault, and packaged it all up as a commercial offering to deliver the best PLM solution available for companies that love Autodesk.

PLM for Autodesk Vault Users

When it comes to automating enterprise-wide PLM processes, until recently Autodesk Vault users have had to choose: Rip out your Vault implementation and your investment along with it so you can put in a full scale PLM system... or make do with work-arounds in random emails, Excel files and old paper-based processes.

Now, that's changed. Built right on top of Autodesk Vault, Aras VPLM extends your Vault environment to add advanced PLM functionality for your business without sacrificing your Autodesk Vault investment.

PLM & PDM for Inventor and AutoCAD Users

Companies like yours that run Autodesk, but don't have a PLM system need a way to manage and control 2 & 3D models, engineering drawings and documents, and you need a secure, reliable way to drive corporate-wide PLM business processes and share critical product information with others throughout your company.

Aras VPLM for Vault provides your Inventor and AutoCAD design teams with the PDM functionality they need, as well as the global lifecycle management processes your business requires to bring high quality products to market faster.

Aras VPLM for Autodesk Vault:

  • Feature-rich right out of the box, providing industry best practices you can take advantage of immediately
  • Runs on your servers and your network for complete IT control and confidence in the security of your critical IP
  • Item-based, Process-Oriented and ready to handle the most complex PLM requirements
  • Fully Web browser-based for globally distributed secure access, across your company and your supplier network
  • All-Microsoft technologies just like Autodesk Vault
  • Highly scalable and secure for corporate-wide, multi-site implementations
  • Familiar Look & Feel, making it easy for users throughout the company to learn and use
  • Built right on top of Autodesk Vault, making it the ideal choice for Inventor and AutoCAD users

Aras VPLM Feature & Functionality Details

Aras VPLM is a commercial offering available exclusively through select resellers.

Talk with a reseller to Request Additional Information and Get Pricing.

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