Complex BOM Management


Aras VPLM provides comprehensive multi-CAD capabilities for complex product structures that span the complete bill of materials.

  • Turn your Autodesk Vault BOM into a true cross-discipline Bill of Materials that's ready for release to manufacturing
  • All of the parts, assemblies, components, materials and SKUs that make up the complete product structure are managed in a multi-level, indented Bill of Materials
  • Bulk materials, electrical, wiring, software, firmware, packaging, consumables and more can be quickly & easily added in a nested, hierarchical BOM structure
  • CAD designs are linked to Part items for automated updates to the BOM
  • Revision & Version management on all items and files assures configuration control
  • BOM redlining highlights changes made to BOM lines from rev to rev providing a complete BOM change history
  • Best practices for design integrity are enforced to promote reuse, reduce parts proliferation and avoid unnecessary product costs
  • Improve global collaboration and coordination to avoid manufacturing errors, scrap and rework

BOM Management Features include:

  • Classification
  • Multi-level Indented BOMs
  • Item-based BOMs
  • Revision & Version Control
  • BOM Redlining
  • Lifecycle States
  • Alternates & Substitutes
  • File Association
  • Effectivity
  • Baselines
  • Design-to-Goal
  • Target-Estimated-Calculated-Actual Costing
  • Make vs. Buy Parts
  • Approved Vendor / Manufacturer List (AVL / AML)
  • Where-Used
  • Flat Parts Lists
  • Customizable BOM Reports
  • Search
  • Unlimited User-defined Attributes & Customization Capabilities